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Is Progreso Mexico Dangerous

Safety in Nuevo Progreso Mexico - Texas Forum - Tripadvisor Progreso and area is not safe for tourists - Merida Forum 11 Things to do in Nuevo Progreso Mexico - My Curly Adventures Puerto Progreso Yucatan - XYUandBEYOND Progreso and area is not safe for tourists. 13 years ago. We have spent two weeks at a beach house near Progreso and sadly have to report we were broken into while sleeping and robbed. This is a trip we have planned and looked forward to for a long time and it has been spoiled. Nuevo Progreso is probably safer them most border destinations, but how safe depends on what you're going to be doing.

Crossing on foot to shop and eat on the main drag is pretty safe if you don't do stupid things. I wouldn't get any farther or spend the night. And you never, never take your car into Mexico. I live in San Benito Texas and go to Nuevo Progresso quite often. In the last few months I have not had any problems nor have I seen a big influx of military personal or equipment. You might see a Mexican soldier with automatic weapon standing on the mexican side of the bridge as you enter but he never bothers anyone. Reply Progreso, Mexico, and most of the Yucatan Peninsula are actually some of the safest places to visit in the country. Just make sure to exercise precautionary measures at all times when traveling, even if visiting Progreso is not dangerous at all. “I haven’t crossed in 10 years!” or “No it’s way too dangerous!” was the typical answer. I guess they were all confirming everything that the media was saying. When I was talking to the person at the Progreso port, I got a completely different answer. “Oh yeah it’s great and very safe. Many people come over and there haven’t been many issues.” Weather in Progreso Yucatan. The Yucatan is known for its very hot and humid climate and Progreso temperatures will average around 30 degrees with high humidity. Merida has also been known to be the hottest place on the planet in some months. It is particularly warm in the spring months of March through to May. NO — Tap water in Mexico is unsafe to drink for anyone; not for locals, not for Merida expats ( like me!) and not for visitors, so no one drinks it. To make Mexico water safe to drink, you’d have to boil it or use a Water-To-Go Bottle. RELATED ARTICLE: Can You Drink the Water in Merida, Mexico?

Is Progreso Mexico Dangerous

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